Seller Package Signing

The seller package signing helps to facilitate the sale of a home from the seller’s side. This package does not involve the loan agreements and is often used when the buyer is paying cash for a property- i.e. not financing it. This signing involves three main documents: the deed, the seller’s affidavit, and the affidavit of the seller’s residence. This package is only about 20 pages and one or two notarial acts and is mainly requires the notary to help guide the client where to sign, date, and initial. You’ll want to have a general understanding of these documents to know when and if clients should speak to their tax preparer. It’s also important that contact the client before the appointment to make sure they have their bank account information available if they want their funds wired at closing, their most current mortgage statements available (if they have a loan), and HOA information available (if they have an HOA) this way they are not searching for it when you arrive at the appointment